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1st-Jan-2020 10:02 am - Welcome to my journal...
fifi - easily distracted by tanks
Hi, I'm fifi. This is my livejournal. Come in, take a seat, have some tea and cake :)
Here you will find a lot of fanfiction - that means short stories written using characters from TV programmes and films. It's all for fun and no harm is intended, and everything I post here is rated for reader-suitability using
Fiction ratings and tagged so you can see what type of genre it is. 'Slash' will contain material of a homosexual nature, whether romance or more explicit.
My slash Primeval fanfiction Masterlist is here, my het/gen/mixedthreesome Primeval fanfiction masterlist is here, and
my non-Primeval fanfiction Masterlist is here.
Other stuff here is usually blethers... :) For more information please see my
User Info.
Primeval - Ryan smile :-)
Title: Forever and a Few Million Years
Rating: K+
Pairings/Characters: Tom Ryan/Hugh McAllister(OC)
Spoilers: only for my fic “A Life Never Lived”
Warnings: Kwells required for fluff??
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. I write this for fun or something, make no money, etc.
Wordcount: 694
Summary: Ryan and Hugh renew their vows.
Author Notes: Written for my Primeval Bingo square that I am very late with. Prompt: Forever. This is like an epilogue for my Ryan/Hugh fic, but you probably don't need to have read it to read this, as it's just a piece of fluffy family fudge. I think I shall dedicate this to lsellersfic who recently read the original fic (thank you!), and made me realise there was an epilogue missing :) Hugh, Shane and Taylor belong to madscribbles.

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9th-Aug-2014 07:43 am - Happy Birthdays!
SGA - Parrish flower
Happy Birthdays to stealingpennies and somehowunbroken!! I hope you both have a lovely day xxx
4th-Aug-2014 07:33 am - Happy Birthday!
Primeval - Lester happy (slashybits)
Happy Birthday, knitekat! I hope you have a super day :)
28th-Jul-2014 06:15 pm - Happy Birthday!
Primeval - Rex (dancing on table)
Happy Birthday to fissijo! I hope you have had a super day x
27th-Jul-2014 07:05 pm - Scottish childhood songs
Scotland Rugby
There's been a bit of Sunday chat over at primeval_denial about childhood games, and after my musings the other week at the Tour de France about the kids chanting, it brought to mind all the songs we used to sing when I was a child, either on the bus at the school outings, at the summer town gala, or just in the car on holiday. I thought I'd try and make a list of all the Scots ones, as it might be an interesting exercise :)

For my own amusement, but feel free to look!Collapse )
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