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1st-Jan-2020 10:02 am - Welcome to my journal...
fifi - easily distracted by tanks
Hi, I'm fifi. This is my livejournal. Come in, take a seat, have some tea and cake :)
Here you will find a lot of fanfiction - that means short stories written using characters from TV programmes and films. It's all for fun and no harm is intended, and everything I post here is rated for reader-suitability using
Fiction ratings and tagged so you can see what type of genre it is. 'Slash' will contain material of a homosexual nature, whether romance or more explicit.
My slash Primeval fanfiction Masterlist is here, my het/gen/mixedthreesome Primeval fanfiction masterlist is here, and
my non-Primeval fanfiction Masterlist is here.
Other stuff here is usually blethers... :) For more information please see my
User Info.
Primeval - Creatures Dirty Love
I thought if I posted about these I could get rid of the notes I have lying about regarding 'cool things that might be useful some day'.

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Girly hug! - Emily & Jess
Title: Emily
Author: fififolle
Word Count: 100
Rating: K+
Challenge: 505
Characters: Emily , James Delaney (Taboo)
Warnings: none
Author's Notes: Written for primeval100 Challenge 505: Taboo. So I've only seen one episode of Taboo, so I don't know enough to write any spoilers, but if Emily was born in 1840, then it's possible she could meet Delaney. Or rather, Delaney could meet her. Something for the Primeval Ladies week, too, perhaps.

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B7 - Del Tarrant - Steven Pacey
This is a thing that stellar_raven and keli and their f-lists are doing, so I thought I'd join in. Goodreads tells me that I read a paltry 3 books last year which is quite shocking. I always have a pile of books a mile high I want to read, so maybe this will help!

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2nd-Jan-2017 09:20 am - 2016 Writing Meme
Kristofer Hivju
2016 Writing Meme

Happy New Year to you all! Slightly late, but I spent most of yesterday tramping across fields with mr fifi doing a 'quality lowland walk'. Beautiful weather and gorgeous Solway coast.

Here is one more annual writing meme from me :) Didn't take me long to organise this year...
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Primeval - Ryan/Becker
Title: The Travellers
Rating: T
Pairings/Characters: Becker/Ryan, Gef and Rak {OCs}
Warnings: sad but necessary dinosaur dispatch
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. I write this for fun or something, make no money, etc.
Wordcount: 4211
Summary: Becker and Ryan lend a hand to an unusual mongoose called Gef, and his avian friend Rak.
Author Notes: This is for fredbassett's Secret Santa at primeval_denial. Lyle belongs to fred :) Gef probably belongs to fred also *g*
They asked for: A talking mongoose called Gef, Stranded in the snow, No, I can’t pull the sword out of that fucking stone, and We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I think I got them all in, and a little of the supernatural, magic and folklore too :)

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25th-Dec-2016 09:50 am - Merry Christmas!
Christmas Puppy
Have a good day, everyone... Here's festive!Kay in her new tiara :D

The Red Shoes and Much Ado About NothingCollapse )

Happy Christmas, lots of love to you all xxx  And if you are out there, happy birthday planetkiller!
27th-Nov-2016 03:50 pm - Things What I Have Been Up To
Kristofer Hivju
Okay, let's see. Last thing I blogged about was my summer holiday. Oops!!

Since then....

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24th-Nov-2016 07:40 am - Happy Birthday
Christmas Dalek
to lsellersfic and meeeeee!! Hope you have a super day, Louise xxx
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