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glaikit blethers

If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake... Pull up a chair. Tea? Something stronger? :D

Come in, enjoy, please don't take too seriously. Watch out for the warnings and ratings on fiction. Use the tags. Anything with a tag of 'slash' will contain a modicum of non-heterosexual relations, so if you have sensibilities that need protecting, please be warned. I'd hate to cause offence. Don't like, don't read, thanks.

My wonderful mood theme is by curlytoot, thank you!

My LJ Primeval slash fanfic masterlist
My LJ Primeval gen/het/mixed threesomes fanfic masterlist
My LJ non-Primeval fanfic masterlist
My fic at fanfiction.net
My fic at Wraithbait

My journal header is thanks to a screencap by bigtitch and a texture by spiritcoda, with Primeval promo material thanks to Impossible Pictures and ITV.

If you see any icons/graphics I've made on this journal, unless otherwise specified, please feel free to snerch, no credit or comment needed, although feel free to say hi! I'm just glad if you like something. I use textures by aquatilitis, babliz, bustix_icons, iconistas, iconraven, lime_unleashed, llenka, paytheboy, shalowater, simpleandclean, tartankilts, tiger_tyger, twinstrikeish and www.colorfilter.net. Caps are mostly thanks to xsomethingbluex, bigtitch, munchkinofdoom, killcolor, theiconicplague and rawr_caps.


Things I like...

Here's my favourite muse, Captain Tom Ryan as illustrated by canadian_jay - thanks for the lovely banner!

And here's the lovely Dimitri Levendis from Spooks, as giffed by stellar_raven.

And here is a bunch of lads I like to write about as housemates. Thanks to sunsets_dinos for the minilovebar! Left to right, Ross belongs to bigtitch, Blade belongs to fredbassett, Matt Rees is telperion_15's and Finn is also fredbassett's.

Years after the show ended, and with only a few seconds of screentime together, I still like writing Lorne/Parrish from Stargate Atlantis. If you don't recall Parrish (or Lorne, for that matter) check out this pairing meta by clwilson2006. Click the graphic to be taken to my SGA fic list.

This is my PriWriMo banner thanks to kerry_louise Icons by zetaori, lsellersfic and kerry_louise.

primeval_denial Teamfest July 2012 participant!


Good grief. I even got a nomination in the 2008 Stargate Fan Awards, yay! Many thanks to whoever nominated me :)

Thanks to everyone for all my nominations - ten in the 2007 Awards.

Thanks to everyone who nominated ten of my works for the 2006 Stargate Fan Awards.

Participant in stargatecountry

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